Friday, February 26, 2010

Ablite 600 Watt Icebox kit complete with Adjusta shade.

The lighting package is the biggest seller we have. Because it is made in Australia using only the highest standards known to man. They come with a Full two year no hassles?warranty.?They also use alot less electricty than most of it's cousins. To top it off I sell them cheaper than most of my competitors sell the cheap Asian varities. They are also quieter than it's cousins as well. Our kit come with a bulb of your choice and the shade of your choice. But with the added reflection from the Adjusta shade most people go with them. The price is too hot to print go to . It is a very secure site that can handle all of your shopping needs.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The correct way to prepare your nurtient.

The correct way to prepare your nutrient tank is to firstly add the finest water you can get your hands on ( reverse osmosis filters are the best and cheapest way to get pure water). Then add part A and stir very well (i use a pump to stir for me). Then part B and do the same stir very well. Adjust your EC level of the tank to the desired level.?If you use additives then now is the time to add those into the tank. Finally then check and adjust the PH to betwee 5.5 and 6.5. 6 being the optimum level to reach if possible. Also if you add to much Up or Down solution you cannot correct it. You have to dump the tank and start again. Doh !!

Happy Gardening

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Coco Coir media the friend of the environment fast overtaking other medias.


Coco coir is fast becoming one of the most used growing media in the world today. It's cheap, it does not get taken from the environment and best of all it does not go to landfill. I'll explain in more detail in a minute.?

Firstly let's see where coco coir comes from. When they have harvested the coconut milk and its edible fruit. They make brooms and all sorts of items from them. When they do this a dust is formed into piles on the floor. They collect this and most of the coco is done in Sri Lanka or India. But some is taken to the Netherlands where they sterilise it in fresh water ponds and buffer it. Then they ship it around the world. This is RHP certfied for quality assurance. Don't buy anything else.

It has a natural friendly bacteria called Trichaderma which is great for nurturing the root system. I have covered where coco coir comes from but where does it go. Well what I do with mine I sprinkle on the garden or on the lawn. It adds humus to poor soil and is full of nutrients. It holds 1000% its weight in water so it assists in these harsh drought times.

Also use for seedlings through to all stages of plant life. Now that's a versatile media for growing all your favourite crops. Pick up a bag today. If you use the blocks that come from Sri Lanka or India sterilise first by boiling.

Happy Gardening

By Pepelapue


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Vapir Vaporizers

Hi all I was looking for and easy way to quit cigarettes and came across these digital?vaproisers. That vaporize instead of burning and not only that. You can inhale any essence of any plant including but not limited to Lavender, Peppermint and Spearmint. They are available with special Nicohale Disks which are another way to quit for good the unhealthy pratices that we have become addicted to.?The Lavender for example is very relaxing and can be grown legally in the back yad. It can also be used for aromatherapy to soothe the soul all while being healthy. What a break through man has been burning things for satsifaction for centuries so these products will help so many people that until now have not?been able to give up the unhealthy habit of burning tobacco to get what we think is relief. When in actual fact it is generating more stress and raising our heart rates. We have these items available for purchase today. Sorry for the delay but I believe in tesing everthing we sell and I can report they are awesome. I have had mine for over twelve months and I love it. Goto purchase in complete security. It will be despatched to your door in discreet packaging in the name of Coogan Water. I am?getting a site built that will have demos and heaps of information of the benefits and stratagies for smoking cessation. So stay tuned and I will post it on the dictionary front page as news.?