Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The best pest advice anyone can give.


The best way to keep those little pests at bay is to start with a clean room. Sterilise in between uses with chlorine or bleach or some other potent form of strong cleaning fluid.

Also when taking cuttings or seedlings from the nurseries or friends drench them in something like Dead Red or some other general purpose insecticide. Really drench them cause the last thing that you want is other people's problems in the form of pests and diseases.??Pests can ruin even a experts garden.

Even when planting I give them a good squirt as a precautionary measure that has saved my Garden from being infested.

You can also use a natural pesticide called Neem that you can use all the way up to harvest. It has no residual and stops the pests from breeding and feeding.

Also if you have used no chemicals you can employ beneficial bugs to eliminate the problem. This is the best solution because they don't stop until they have eaten all there prey.

Just drop us a line and we can give you advice or check out your local store for products and solutions that I have not mentioned here.

Happy Gardening

By Pepelapue