Monday, August 31, 2009

The Spanish Garden: Creating Your Spanish Style Garden

A Spanish Garden is different from other gardens. Mainly because it is a private space where different types of exotic plants may be grown that would not survive in other places, as the climate supports it here. However, the Spanish Garden should be well planned and regularly tended so that the Spanish style garden will retain its beauty. You must ensure unity and harmony when picking out landscaping designs for a Spanish garden. Also, Spanish gardens may be easily created in the United States by following some guidelines.

Creating The Boundaries Of A Spanish Style Garden

Of the Spanish garden it may be said that they are enclosed by stucco walls. These may be added to a Spanish garden or cypress evergreen screens with wrought iron fences behind them may be used. In some Spanish gardens, short walls are used to demarcate different areas of the garden so be creative and design this space innovatively. Vines may be grown to cover the walls and increase privacy in your Spanish garden.

Elements Of Spanish Garden Design

When you are creating your Spanish garden, some of these tips might come in handy for your Spanish garden design.

  • Use water in your Spanish garden design which was originally derived from the Moorish influence. A wall fountain, rock covered pool or ornate water fountain will not only provide a soothing effect but also create the ideal ambience for the Spanish garden.
  • Use terracotta tiles and containers to create a garden within a garden with one part leading into another
  • Edge to edge tiling or paving with some aesthetically placed plants will also build a Spanish style garden.
  • A Spanish garden design incorporates shady areas as the climate in Spain is hot and some cooling areas provide a retreat for both the gardener and some of his plants.
  • Garden furniture in your Spanish garden should be something comfortable such as wrought iron or lovely cedar pieces.
  • Wind chimes and Spanish decorative pieces can make this an appropriately named Spanish garden.
  • Make the Spanish garden colorful, both by using colored decorations and growing beautiful and colorful perenial garden plants.

What To Grow In The Spanish Style Garden

First find out what plants can be grown under the climactic conditions of your Spanish garden. Then try and select some Spanish plants so that this may be as authentic a real Spanish garden, in design and landscaping plants grown. Palm trees, pine trees and oranges are usually grown besides daisies, lavender, rosemary, cactus and grapes.

What To Remember While Maintaining A Spanish Garden Design

The Spanish garden created should be a space where you enjoy yourself and which adds to the peacefulness of the surroundings. Therefore, in your Spanish garden grow plants that can be tended easily and those that you enjoy looking after.

Spanish gardens are of different types and depending on your style and needs you may create a Spanish garden design of your choice. The Spanish style garden is the ideal retreat from the cares and worries of the world and to make it your peace haven plan well in advance and execute your thoughts sincerely to create this space.


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